Friday, 16 June 2017

High Powered Air Drive Fan – Air Powered Jet Fan Comes With an Array of Advanced Features!

High powered air driven fan or the air powered jet fan are the few names that is assigned to pneumatic jet fan. Well, the names might be different but the work principle of these fans has always remained the same since their announcement for the market. Well, these are surely the high pressure fans and they are exactly designed for the basements, car parks, tank ventilation, and other hazardous area where smoke and fume can really pollute the whole environment.  No matter what sort of purpose you have in mind behind getting a high powered air drive fan, first of all you need to understand why these are called as the jet fans and how they used.

As the name suggests, these fans use to work on the same principle that is followed by the jet plane’s fans. They use to acquire a forward movement and can throw the air with a higher velocity so that they whole area can become free of smoke and fumes in less time. This type of arrangement is specially required at the basements and car parks and other enclosed areas. Once the fumes and smoke is created, this can make the whole place contaminated while taking the carbon dioxide level to a huge extent. This can be really hazardous for humans. So, having the air powered jet fan installed at such places can easily remove the smoke and fume in no time.

·         A high powered air drive fan can be used for the general ventilation as well. It can be installed as any location where there is compressed air. At these places, such air powered jet fan is also used as the exhauster or blower.

·         The high powered air drive fan is also called as the tank ventilation fan. Why? This type of fan can be installed for the tanks, space where welding and other operations that use to create contaminated gas, process vessels as well as confined spaces. This type of arrangement can help in a good way to remove the hazardous gases and fumes from these places while keeping the work environment and workers safe.

·         An air powered jet fan can operate with an operating press of 40 to 110 PSI. This is really huge and this also helps the jet fan to operate with maximum efficiency and speed.

High end 4-blade design also helps the high powered air driven fan to go for a lower RPM when there is a need to move more air. These blades are precisely balanced and installed for the jet fan.

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